On Sunday, September 24th, the Lucan Irish Six Alumni faced off against the Mt. Brydges Bulldogs Alumni in our 2nd ever “Irish Bulldogs Mental Wellness Charity Event”.

This is the second year of the partnership of theΒ Irish Bulldogs,Β where the Lucan Irish Six and Mount Brydges Bulldogs team up for a day of Mental Wellness Support:

“The Irish Bulldogs bring awareness to players, parents, and the public about athlete mental wellness and support local, grassroots mental health programs and charities in Lucan and Mount Brydges, Ontario”

This year, the Irish Bulldogs are supporting an organization close to the hearts of the Mount Brydges Bulldogs, the Tanner Steffler Foundation! This foundation provides navigation and peer support to ages 12-29 who struggle with mental illness and/or addiction.

Various Mental Health Information Stations were located around the Lucan Community Memorial Centre, including:

  • Tanner Steffler Foundation
  • Nicholas Smith Foundation
  • Middlesex mental Health
  • CAMH London

It was a successful turnout, with great hockey, fan and community support, alongside supporting great causes! We are already looking forward to next year’s matchup!