Your Lucan Irish Six were proud members of the Lucan Biddulph 2023 SummerFest!

The Lucan Irish Sixย Booth was a hit! Thanks to the help ofย In Your Faceย for volunteering as entertainment with a lot of creativity, adding an imaginative touch for our fantastic fans, who took the time to swing by, chat about the upcoming season, and generously contribute to our team! The turnout was phenomenal, and came with engaging conversations, laughter, and a ton of fun! It was a great opportunity to chat with community members and make connections before our home opener!

A special shout-out to the fans who shared their SummerFest moments online, whether they sported painted faces or engaged in our summer games. As a token of appreciation, participants were automatically entered into a draw for a chance to win a 6-Pack of Game Passes for the upcoming regular season! A big congratulations to Cindy Fisher Bailey and Family, who won the photo contest!

We want to thank everyone who showed up and supported us at SummerFest! It put us in high spirits heading into the season and we are already looking forward to it next summer!